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Hi, I am Rupali Shevade, a Qualified Nutritionist and a Certified Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach & I love working with clients to achieve their fitness goals. I believe that every & any eatable item  can come under the category of weight loss foods only if we eat in right manner. Any form of exercise can be used as weight loss exercise if its supported with perfect balanced diet.

Fitness and general well-being is not a one-size-fits all model. What I mean is what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another and that’s why every person needs tailored weight loss diet, and weight loss exercise plan to achieve personal health and fitness goals. However, there are many factors that affect the way we look, feel and love – habits, lifestyle, work schedules, stress, activity and so much more. I don’t believe in recommend crash diets cause what goes down the scale rapidly also shoots back with double the force! So the best option is to choose proper, complete & likable  weight loss foods.
Fitness is a science & it requires two components to make it a whole - Consistency & Self belief.  Here are few results of my clients who have successfully completed the program.

Whether you want to achieve weight loss, pregnancy fat, weight gain, fitness goals for senior citizens, child nutrition, have your D-day coming up or are looking at general well being,  I will guide you to reach your goals. My one-to-one consultations begin with lifestyle analysis and progress towards a well-charted course of consistent fitness. I will make sure your journey will be Enjoyable - Sustainable - Effective

If you are ready to change yourself, I will be your weight loss diet & weight loss exercise coach. Book an appointment now Or Just click here to start a conversation on  whats app.

How I work

Body Analysis - Rupali Shevade Nutritionist coach Pune

Body Composition Analysis

The first step is to assess how much of water, fat and muscle makes up your body composition. This ropes in the details from BMI, BMR, Metabolic Age, Visceral Fat, Body Fat %, etc. These numbers help me derive a tailor-made plan and are detrimental in deciding what kind of weight management equation do you need.

Lifestyle Analysis - Rupali Shevade Nutritionist coach Pune

Lifestyle Analysis

Conditions such as obesity, underweight are directly related to your lifestyle. I am more interested in knowing your daily routine, eating habits, food you love, work life balance, hormonal or stress-related concerns, physical discomfort etc. It helps me to analyse the reason of your body condition to design a certain meal plan/ exercise schedule.

Diet Optimization - Rupali Shevade Nutritionist coach Pune

Weight Loss Diet Optimization

Well, It's a science and as a certified dietician and nutritionist, it is my responsibility to craft a custom calorie-specific meal which includes micro and macro nutrients for your body. Most importantly, I like to add food you love in your meal plan and still you achieve your ideal body weight. Yes, you can eat what you like and with ‘mindful’ eating you will be able to rediscover the satisfaction you can get from food

Exercise Guidance - Rupali Shevade Nutritionist coach Pune

Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Some of us are flexible, some of us have more strength and some have much more endurance. Exercise is a lasting investment in your wellbeing but it all boils down to availability of time. Being a fitness trainer i design an exercise routine for you based on how much time you can spend and your physical condition. Your exercise routine will ensure that you stay fit and feel energetic throughout the day.

Progress Tracking - Rupali Shevade Nutritionist coach Pune

Progress Tracking

Measuring the progress, keeping you motivated and focused in your journey is a crucial part of my relationship with my clients. When you stick to a monotonous plan or miss regular follow- ups, you will not see required changes. I implement macro-progress tracking through weekly BCA analysis which you can access via your smartphone. The idea is to keep the momentum going; whether it is through regular WhatsApp reminders, calls or messages. If you have a holiday coming up or need a specific diet plan for an upcoming event or are feeling uninspired; I am just a call away!

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